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Sunday, December 28, 2014

What mental picture comes to mind when you think of the word “success?”

 For most people, they picture outcomes. Triumphant moments. 

The roar of the crowd watching the impossible touchdown pass in the final seconds. The Olympian standing tall on the podium, calmly bowing while a gold medal is hung around her neck. The business leader, arms crossed and smiling proudly, on the cover of a national magazine. 

So when you think about the Stream Opportunity, what does success look like?

A common answer is a mental image of total freedom. 

Living your life, not too long from now, with total freedom of time, of finances, with the freedom to travel when and where you want. Freedom from the stresses of the daily grind on a hamster wheel of a job that you don’t love. 

Ready for some advice about this mental picture that you might find shocking? 

Don’t think about it too much.

The key words there are “too much,” because this image CAN become your reality if you want it to. There are thousands of Stream associates who are living this reality, right now as you read this, and they all started right where you are.

But while it’s great to have an end goal in mind, and to think about it from time to time - when it becomes your main, day-to-day focus, you might find yourself getting discouraged, slowing down, or even giving up when it doesn’t come to you as fast as you want. 

So when you’re just starting out, what’s something even better to focus on throughout the day? How can you stay motivated?

An open secret to achieving any goal you set for yourself, one that’s been followed so many times with success that it’s become a well-worn path through the jungle, is this: 

Forget outcomes for a while, and focus on the process

What does that look like? For the football player, it’s celebrating not just the winning touchdown pass in a big game, but celebrating the fact that he showed up to the weight room, today, and put in his work. For the Olympic swimmer, it’s celebrating the extra two hours of practice in the pool after her teammates have all called it a day. For the basketball player, it’s celebrating the fact that he missed 200 three-pointers today, so he could make 180. 

See, a focus on the process takes some of the pressure off, and channels your energy where it needs to be… on what you can do RIGHT NOW to move you towards your grand vision. 

Winning the Superbowl, or an Olympic Gold Medal are outcomes of the hours spent in the weight room, or the swimming pool. They’re the natural outcomes of the process. 

And for the Stream Associate like yourself, looking to build a life of freedom and wealth? What does the process look like for you?

It’s celebrating the fact that, today, at each and every opportunity, you did your raindance. 

Yes. Your raindance (keep reading and you’ll understand).

The “raindance” is a term coined by Randy “The Cowboy” Hedge, a Stream Energy top leader, million dollar earner, and motivational coach. 

Randy is quite the character. He’s a master motivator, and as you’ll see in the video he’s got a very inspirational backstory. Randy is living proof that no matter what your circumstances or background, you CAN make the most of this opportunity, and live a life that most people will only dream of (as long as you just keep going, or keep raindancing, as he would put it). 

So what the heck is “the raindance,” and why is it going to be THE key ingredient that turns your vision of freedom into reality?

Like always, make sure you USE this motivation while the fire is hot! 

What is just ONE thing you can do, today, right now, to share the Stream opportunity with someone and move forward towards financial freedom?

Did you think of something? Great! 

Now go get it done, and keep the momentum going!

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